The grape varieties that are part of our landscape.

Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada, Red Xarel·lo and Grenache are the protagonists of our winery.


Big grapes, golden and very thin skin.

It is ideal to give amplitude to our sparkling wines. As for the wine, it will give it a fruity scent and a balanced acidity. It is of slow budding, resistant to frost and drought. The time of its optimal point of ripeness is in our region at the middle of August.


Autochthonous variety of Penedès.

Large and compact grapes a thick skin. This will provide body and structe to our sparkling wines. In the case of young wines, as Aymar tranquil, gives personality, strength, body, floral and fruity aromas. The harvest season is at the end of August.


Variety of grapes with very thin skin that produces large and compact grapes.

It is greenish golden and hard skin. It has a low degree, a medium acidity and a very fresh aroma that makes it suitable for the blend of our Clàssic Penedès. On the other hand, it gives the wine softness and lightness. It grows it in the highest areas of the farm. It is harvested at the end of September and the beginning of October.

Red Xarel·lo

Autochthonous grape and and in danger of extinction

It was very present in the area of Penedès but with the arrival of the cava it was extinguished. It is unique because of its red color, it has very thick skin that protects it from diseases and gives very aromatic wines that remind us of the red fruits. It is harvested at its optimum point of maturation which is usually at the end of the month of September.


Mediterranean grape

It is typical for rosé wines, good graduation and body. Our Aymar rosé is 100% this variety that is in an area of the farm where the land is very warm.

Map of varieties of the estate

From Penedès to the world, cultivating varieties of the highest quality.

We elaborate the sparkling Classic Penedès and the wines with different varieties of grapes from the Penedès region, all with ecological treatment.