It comes from the soil of Licorella, in the Conca de Barberà area.

It is made with Carménère, a very special variety that is very difficult to find in Catalonia.

Our Merlot and Carménère vines are located in the Prades mountains at an altitude of more than 750m, from which we make a very special blend. Carménère is unique and the heir to a singular and memorable history.

Carménère is reminiscent of the oldest red grape varieties in Europe. Its upward lines can be traced back to Bordeaux. For many years it was thought to have become extinct in 1867, following phylloxera.

Far from it, we managed to recover it and as a result of the combination with the Merlot variety we obtain an overflowing red wine: Montagudell, a singular wine from a vineyard recovered and on the verge of extinction in Catalonia.

We highlight its intense cherry colour with persistent tears. Its fruity and very fine aromas, evoking blackberry and balsamic notes with a delicate touch of citrus. The palate is smooth and elegant. The tannins and red fruits are noticeable. Overall, it is delicate and boldly contrasted.

Today, the dream of making a red wine from the tall vineyards is already a reality.

In Aymar we bet a few years ago to reactivate some old vineyards of Carménère and Merlot in the area of Conca de Barberà.