The uniqueness of the Penedès territory

Wines that express the identity of where they have grown.

We are located in the upper Penedès, in a privileged plane between the Mediterranean Sea and the precoastal mountain range, specifically in Costers del Montmell, at an altitude of 300 metres. This earth receives the influence of the sun and the sea which makes it so special for the winegrowing.

The vineyards are the characteristic feature of this showcase, which mark the difference, thanks to the careful labour carried out with the earth, generation after generation, with passion and the commitment to move forward. Viticulture has become an art of how to cultivate the land, which is reflected in our traditional still and sparkling wines.

The climate is generally benign with Mediterranean influence and winds, with sea breezes of high humidity dominating in summer and refreshing the vineyards. Since we cultivate grapes in a dry way, we totally rely on rainwater, therefore each vintage is different from the previous one and thereby confers its charm and personality.

We select the grapes thoroughly

Then we develop an organic wine leaving it to rest until the most optimal time to bottling it

Vinification to obtain maximum fineness, character and balance

During fermentation the yeast transforms the natural sugars of the must into wine.

In this process called vinification we control the temperature to obtain maximum fineness, character and balance in our wines to preserve primary aromas. Throughout the winter the wines rest in the stainless steel tubs until the process of bottling begins in which we bottle the base wine together with the sugar and the yeasts.

In the bottle, the second fermentation takes place (champanoise method), where the yeast transforms the sugar by bringing bubbles and foam. The subsequent interaction of yeasts or lees and wine during bottle aging, at least for 15 months, will bring flavors and aromas of greater complexity. Once the aging period is over, we clear the bottles with a smooth and precise daily movement that allows the lees to descend to the neck of the bottle so that they can then expel in the disgorging moment.

The sparkling wine already clean we cover it with a cork stopper of the maximum quality

And we dress it with our image in order to deliver it and share it with our clients and friends.