The Penedès, a privileged plain

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Prelitoral Mountain Range.

The land of the Penedès, between Barcelona and Tarragona, and from zero level of sea level up to 600 meters above sea level, receives the influence of the sun and the sea, making it so special for the cultivation of vineyards, protected from cold winds from the north by the Montserrat massif. Its landscape maintains the rural environment of the towns in harmony with nature.

The vineyards are the identifying feature of this showcase that marks the difference, thanks to the careful work of the land that has been made generation after generation. With passion and commitment to move forward. The viticulture has become an art of working the land that is reflected in our traditional wines and sparkling wines.

The climate of the Penedès, as mentioned before, is generally benign with Mediterranean influence where in the summer it predominates the high humidity that favors us to refresh the vineyard. The average temperature is 15ºC but the summers are long and hot which gives us highest temperatures during the day, this helps us to have an optimum maturity and a fruity aroma, during the night temperatures fall and it also favors the rest of the plant. In winter, temperatures can fall to 0ºC, which is very beneficial for the vine during the pruning season.

As we are working the vineyard in the dry land we depend totally on the rain of the Penedès

That is why each vintage is not identical to the previous one, which gives it its charm and personality

Wine tradition, culture and heritage make Penedès a territory with a distinct identity.

The terroir, rich in calcareous soils, from where the different varieties of grapes are born and grow, marks the difference.

In our case they will be the varieties of Macabeu, Xarel·lo, Parellada and Red Xarel.lo those that form the main landscape of our vineyards and are the protagonists of our winery.

Our vineyards receive an ecological treatment since this has been and is our philosophy of work, to care for and maintain the land that has seen us growing up. We use natural products. We work with organic fertilizers like our ancestors.

Each land can give specific properties to the vine and grape. The soils that make up our estate are clayey, calcareous, gravely and sandy, which favors the vine depending on each variety.

Each variety requires a different altitude and a soil.

That is why we take into account the type of land when planting each one.