The Ferrer family has been associated to the wine world for over six generations.

Gregori Ferrer i Soler (1791-1853) together with his son Francesc, shipped wine to Cuba as early as the beginning of XIX century, specifically to Havana.

Francesc Ferrer married Luisa Aymar, an admirer and promoter of Catalan wines.

The present Gregori Ferrer grew up surrounded by vineyards. Even as a young boy, he took part in the grape harvests his family carried out, being in contact with grapevines and land. Surrounded by Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada he began to appreciate the different grape varieties, fostering a curiosity about the world of the viticulture and later on the ecological viticulture. Breaking with the tradition to produce cask wine he took a further step in the wine elaboration process: it was time to dress the bottles with their own trade mark.

The soul and strength of Aymar

His daughter Núria has inherited from her father this feeling and passion for the wine culture.

Together, they developed a personal project to express their way of understanding, live and let enjoy everybody their still and sparkling wines.

They try to transmit their passion for wine and its personality. Therefore the winery Castell de Pujades relies on its own grapes, a basis of excellent quality of this fruit rooted in our Penedès countryside.

Our challenge is to cultivate rationally and ecologically the vineyards, respecting the environment.

At the moment of the wine harvest, we select meticulously the grapes, which will settle until the optimum moment for the bottling has been reached.