D.O. Clàssic Penedès

Macabeu, Xarel·lo & Parellada
Min. 18 mesos

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COLOR: Pale gold, bright and transparent.
FLAVOR: You can appreciate tertiary aromas that have been developed during their long ageing in bottle, reminiscent of the very rip fruit, and notes of fresh bread with an elegant background to raisins.
TASTE: Palate surprisingly complex and well structured, developing sensations reminiscent of nuts, mainly toasted hazelnuts and notes of roasting, curiously combined with touches of grapefruit and fennel skin. The post-taste is very long and elegant, predominating in the memory of nuts and a slight touch of cacao.


STORAGE: In the absence of light preferably, in a vertical position and at a temperature not lower than 5ºC and in no case higher than 20ºC.
EVOLUTION: Ready for consumption.
TEMPERATURE: The ideal serving temperature is between 4 and 6 º C.
GASTRONOMY: It is an excellent aperitif, to be enjoyed at any time with cold cuts, puff pastry or canapés. It also pairs with dishes of white fish in sauce, roasts of poultry and meats and with desserts based on dark chocolate and candied fruits, or with cakes or slightly sweet souffles. It can perfectly accompany a meal from start to finish.