Organic wines with the value of the Penedès territory

Aymar is the expression of a grape, a territory and a vintage.

It owes its name to an ancestor of ours, Lluïsa Aymar, who, along with her husband at the beginning of the 19th century, already sailed with wine to Havana. After six generations linked to the world of viticulture and wine to doll, we wanted to take a step further in the process of making, bottling wine and wearing bottles with our own brand.
Day after day, our challenge is to cultivate respecting the environment, with the reasoned work of the vineyards with ecological crops.

Aymar, a seal with a lot of personality

A mix of the passion for organic viticulture, respect for the environment, the prestige of making excellent wines and the enthusiasm of the people who are part of it.
Brut Nature escumós Clàssic Penedès Aymar

Aymar, sparkling wine quality Classic Penedes

Quality Reserva, exclusive origin of the territory where the legend of the sparkling wines of Penedès is born.

Given the philosophy of Aymar, our wines are born as Classic Penedes mention, the sparkling quality wines of the Penedès Denomination of Origin.
This new category of sparkling wines is unique due to its exclusive origin: Penedès, a unique place for the cultivation of the vineyard.
With all the requirements for the product to be of the highest quality, the vineyard works in organic farming while respecting the environment and our land.

Within each bottle, our fine bubbles are born slowly.

From the Castell de Pujades winery day after day, our challenge is to cultivate respecting the environment, with the reasoned work of the vineyards with ecological crops.

Classic Penedès, the value of the origin.

100% Penedès + 100% Organic + 100% Reserve

Only with the optimum conditions and a long and patient aging it is possible to perform the Classic Penedes must at least have 15 months of aging in the cava.
The date of disgorging, printed on each one of the labels, is the commitment that guarantees that our sparklings are always consumed in the best conditions.

Clàssic Penedès Brut Nature Reserva escumós Aymar

Passion for organic viticulture and respect for the environment

We believe in a respectful viticulture without herbicides or pesticides with a code of good practices making the minimum possible interventions in the vineyard.

The art of working the land is reflected in our traditional wines and sparkling wines.

Each variety has a different personality, and this is evident in the aromas and flavors of our wines and sparkling wines.

We know that we are making products that come from a fruit, the grapes, that give us the land and we are aware that if we are careful with the land this will give us a grape with character and personality.

We harvest the grapes when the grapes of Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Xarel·lo Vermell and Parellada are at their optimum ripening point.

We take care of the land that has seen us grow.

Our vineyards receive an ecological treatment since this has been and is our philosophy of work, and we use organic fertilizers like our ancestors.

Aymar ice Extra Dry

The first Clàssic Penedès to take with ice, at the time of the aperitive or as a long drink.

A new and entertaining experience, respecting the elegant and seductive personality of CLÀSSIC AYMAR, flavored with different aromatic herbs, becomes an ideal drink for the aperitif that allows us with many combinations. Ideal to open the stomach and chat with friends.

Prepare your Aymar ice:
1) Serve in a glass of wine.
2) Add two cubes.
3) Give your personal touch with an orange slice or fruit you like.

We carefully select grapes during harvesting

We have our own grapes, a base of excellent quality, of this fruit rooted in our land of Penedès.

Each vintage is different from the previous one, and this gives it its charm and personality.

The wine-growing tradition along with culture and heritage make Penedès a territory with a distinct identity.

The Penedès land receives the influence of the sun and the sea, and this makes it so special for the cultivation of the vineyards, protected from the cold winds of the north for the Montserrat massif.

The DO Penedès mention in the label of a bottle is the guarantee of control and authenticity of the wines.